Today and every day, I will walk confidently in my choices, and even when I don’t get the desired results, I will still stand strong and support me!

Do you really trust yourself? Do you stand confidently in your choices? When you step outside your comfort zone, do you torture yourself with self-defeating thoughts when you don’t get the results you intended?

To live and grow we have to take chances. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be very scary! Despite all the training I have as a life coach when I step off of my usual path I get so nervous! A perfect example is last night. I read a poem that I love called Omo Orisa. I wrote it a while ago but had never read it in public (at least I don’t think I have LOL) I love my poem because it celebrates the Orisa and the African religious tradition. After I finished reading, although people seemed to like it, I don’t feel it was well received. Why do I feel like that? I don’t know! I got compliments, people clapped and one man even told me it reminded him of his granny. Perhaps it wasn’t the regular high five, hallelujah response I get with some of my poems. Perhaps it was the fact that I was nervous about sharing the poem in the first place. Did I say too much about the tradition? Did I offend someone? Should I have read something else?

I spent my sleep time worrying about it and that fear manifested in some crazy dreams. This morning I woke up tired and concerned. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “Look, life coach, practice what you preach! Stop that self-doubt NOW!” I read the poem, nobody threw up, passed out, or left in the middle of the reading. I made the choice and must walk confidently in the consequences and let go of the doubt.

Today and every day I will walk confidently in my choices and even when I don’t get the desired results, I will stand strong. I will evaluate what I think was wrong and determine if the issue is a manifestation of a limiting belief I have about myself. I will come up with a strategic plan to eliminate any language of limiting belief that makes me engage in self-doubt and self-defeating behavior. Finally, I will declare and affirm, “I support you, boo!” and do it!

Terri Bailey

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