Self-Care Resource Room

Welcome to our self-care resource room! Here you will find a myriad of self-care resources including self-care articles, tips, service links, and more! As we find and develop useful information and tools, we will post it here. There is plenty of free information about self-care floating around. Just Google self-care and you will be bombarded with articles, organizations, and tools. If you would like to list a self-care tip, article, or business, contact us at

Self-Care Plan Development Tool

How often do you attend to your self-care needs? When is the last time you evaluated what your needs are? Download our free ebook, Self-Love 101. and use the Self-Care Plan Development pages to do a self-care needs assessment and create a plan. Next, look at ways you can improve your self-care practices. Be honest with yourself! Remember this is a tool for improving how you love and nurture yourself, not another excuse to beat yourself up. Please check-in weekly on our FB, LinkedIn, or Twitter page to let us know your progress!

Click the link below to download your copy!


Below is a listing of organizations that offer various self-care/self-love services.

V Steams & Holistic Services

The Goddess Project (900 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL)– The Goddess Project offers unique V-Steams (Peristeam Hydrotherapy) especially tailored to the needs of each customer, Gemstone Rx, and other energy and holistic services.

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