Writing to Heal

Flip the Script and Rewrite Your Narrative is the first workshop in the Queens Room’s Writing to Heal series.

Flip the Script has touched the lives of women in Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana (this group was co-ed).

Pics from Our 1st Workshop in Gainesville, Florida:

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • Introduce tools that develop focus, enhance creativity and encourage self-love and empowerment
  • Help you see the power and value of your personal story
  • Help you identify and eliminate the oppressive language you have been using to describe yourself, replacing it with a more accurate, empowering description
  • Eliminate negative titles assigned to you by others
  • Regain control of your story
  • Give daily exercises promoting self-love and self-celebration
  • Examine your relationship with writing and offer tools to remove writer’s block and help to optimize your experience while in this workshop


Individuals: $10.00 – $25.00 (sliding scale)

Group Sessions:

Community Organizations & Non-Profits: $500 (up to 20 participants per session):

Small Businesses: $1200.00 (Up to 25 participants per session)

Corporate: $3000.00 (up to 50 participants per session)

To schedule a workshop, contact us at info@queensroom.org or (352) 327-8771.

Covid Statement: As we continue to navigate COVID and other infectious diseases, masks, and social distancing will be encouraged at all in-person workshops. Whenever possible, virtual options will be provided.