The Queens Room Women's Empowerment Group and Virtual S.H.E. Shed

Welcome to The Queens Room*. The Queens Room is a space for women to love themselves without judgment, restrictions or obstacles. The Queens Room is a virtual "SHE" Shed, promoting Self-Love, Healing and Empowerment. The primary goal of the Queens Room is to guide as many women as possible to the road of self-love, self-discovery, and empowerment. Let our team of specialists help get you started on your journey!  Book your free assessment and consultation now!


Your Self-Love Journey Begins HERE!

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The Venting Room

A safe space to express yourself without judgement or reprecussions!

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In our Writing to Heal workshop series, you will learn how to rewrite your personal narrative, eliminate negative self descriptors and master the art of telling your incredible story in your own words! 

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EFT/TFT (Tapping) Sessions: Allow our certified practitioners to help you address issues such as fear, anxiety, focus, creativity and pain.

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  • *The Queen’s Room is a program of the Bailey Learning and Arts Collective, (BLAAC) Inc. (501c3) BLAAC is a community education and outreach organization whose mission is to help build knowledgeable, socially responsible communities and leaders utilizing a grassroots ideology, low and no-cost activities, and arts promotion and instruction. Our primary goal is to offer access to tools that promote individual and community education, activism and empowerment.
    About our founder Terri L. Bailey, MA

    Founder/CFO of The Queens Room, Writing to Heal Facilitator, Certified EFT/TFT Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Writer, Community Educator, Yaya (Spiritual Advisor)

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April 9, 2020

Self-Care Resource Guide

Welcome to our self-care resource room! Here you will find a myriad of self-care resources including self-care articles, tips, service links, and more! As we

August 6, 2020

Today and everyday, I will walk in gratitude!

We have all heard it before. You must be grateful for what you have, even if it isn’t all you want. Although it sounds a