Honoring The Feminine Divine

The Power of a Women is UNDENIABLE!

The Power of the Womb Space is UNDENIABLE!

Olodumare is the Supreme Creator God in Yorub/Ifa Tradition. The name comes from the words Odu, Mare, and Oni, meaning “the owner of the source of creation”

The Yoruba believe that Olodumare is omnipotent and is the Source of all.

In our spiritual tradition, Olodumare is loosely translated as owner of the sacred womb. We look at the root of the word, Odu which is not only the Ifa sacred text but also the womb.

The Vulva is represented in plant life and natural formations

For more pics check out this wonderful article https://insh.world/culture/10-things-nature-look-like-vulva/.

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