Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping helps people work through emotional and sometimes physical pain. Tapping balances energy, offers techniques to create new beliefs, and replaces language and feelings that are negative and cause obstructions to success and healing.

NOTE: Although licensed clinical professionals are becoming certified EFT/TFT practitioners, this is not a medically prescribed therapy. For severe trauma and other more serious diagnosed mental health issues, seek help from a licensed medical professional.

Tapping Services:

We offer a wide range of tapping services designed to address your specific needs. Prospective clients will receive a free 30-minute consultation that includes a questionnaire that helps the practitioner determine if our service can adequately address your needs. Once the practitioner and client agree to treatment, a comprehensive treatment plan will be designed, and the first appointment scheduled. Though some treatment plans generally span 4-6 weeks, there are a few 1-session services available.

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